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Shipping/Mailing Bags + Return Shipping

When it comes to shipping semi-flexible, non-fragile goods, nothing beats our Shipping bags. Made out of high quality, tear-resistant LDPE which not only protects your product but is also recyclable, these shipping bags are completely opaque, offering unparalleled discretion. Be it clothing, brochures or textiles, our shipping bags are the packaging solution for you.

Characteristics of Shipping Bags

With a black interior and white exterior, our Shipping Bags provide a double layer of protection against the many hazardous elements all products encounter along the journey to their final destination, your customer. Rain, hail, dust, it makes no difference; your customer will receive an untarnished product fully protected by a permanently sealing flap. Fast and easy to use, we even offer a double-adhesive strip version which is perfect for return-shipping use. It?s hard to beat the cheap postage that comes with our shipping bags light weight.

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Standard Shipping/Mailing Bags

Standard Shipping/Mailing Bags

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