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Printed Customized Zip Bags

Are you looking for Zip bags? Coloured or printed with your individual design? For the packaging of your goods? Then IBB Packaging Solutions is the right place for you. We not only offer you a wide range of Zip bags as standard stock items, but also individual custom-made products in terms of size, design, material and closure. We can therefore provide you with a personalised packaging solution that exactly meets your needs and requirements in every respect.

Advantages of Zip Bags, customized & printed

Due to their numerous advantages, pressure closure bags, whether coloured, printed or transparent, have developed into an indispensable product in packaging technology. The outstanding advantages of this practical packaging variant include:

  •     can be resealed as often as required
  •     quick and easy to open and close due to quick-release fastener
  •     airtight sealing of your goods
  •     protection against dirt, dust and moisture
  •     long service life thanks to longer shelf life in cutomer's home
  •     environmentally friendly due to reusability

Our coloured or printed zip bags are ideal for packaging small articles or powdery and granular goods. Whether buttons, rubber rings, jewellery, screws or even food such as spices, the bags with the practical Zip closure enable fast and convenient removal even of partial quantities of the product with subsequent possibility of secure resealing.

Zip bags with bespoke printing

We offer you our Zip bags, whether coloured or printed, in different sizes and material thicknesses to ensure the best possible packaging for your product. The use of different colours enables, for example, the marking of different contents or product ranges by the respective colour assignment.

In addition to the standard version, we also offer our Zip bags with Euro perforation or round perforation. This allows you to hang your products directly and conveniently on your display and present them to your customers.

We will be happy to advise you on our range of goods and services relating to our pressure closure bags, which we supply in colour or printed with your company logo or the design of your choice. Give us a CALL or send us a short MESSAGE using our online form - we will be happy to assist you personally.