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Sealing & Packaging Machines

If you are starting out a new project from scratch, you will of course be needing a filling machine to place your product into their bags, & a sealing machine to close up that Doypack, Zip Bag, or really any packaging you are using for commercial sales of edibles.

Filling & Weighing Machines

Here you can find Filling Machines, an absolute necessity for any runs over ~2000 bags. Filling those out by hand will take you longer than you think! And of course, weighing them to the gram without our combo filling & weighing machines would be incredibly time consuming. Speed it up!

Bag Sealing Machines

Sealing Machines will then help you seal up your packaged contents quickly, safely, and securely. You have Pulse Sealers for small runs, Permanent Heat Sealers, Continuous Band Sealers for quicker runs, Semi Automatic Angle Sealers and Fully Automatic for larger runs and larger products, and much more to choose from!

Vacuum Chambers

Selling and packaging frozen goods? Then we have vacuum sealing machines for all necessities! Small runs, medium runs, large runs...these vacuum machines can do them all!

Heat Shrinking Machines

Packaging Non-Edible Products? If you are packaging electronics, books, magazines, plastic toys, carpets, curtain hangers, clothes, hay, bottles...there really is no need for a list, because with these babies you can shrink-wrap just about everything & anything you have in mind. Also available in different models and versions for small runs, medium runs and larger runs. 

Conveyor Belts and Add-ons

Need to further automate & speed up your packaging runs? Look no further than these practical conveyor belts, sure to transform your operation from run of the mill to Santa-Clause-Elf-like levels of productivity.

Fresh Food Wrappers

Looking for a machine that will package your foodstuffs the moment your customer makes a purchase? Well you can't get fresher packaging than with our Stretch & Hand Wrappers, perfect for supermarkets, butchers, bakeries, buffets and any food store with in-and-out customers.

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Hand Sealer Series ME 200 HI

Hand Sealer Series ME 200 HI

Price on application
Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges

starting from € 34,90 *
Impulse Sealer SEALKID

Impulse Sealer SEALKID

starting from € 232,00 *