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About IBB Packaging

Welcome to IBB Packaging Solutions GmbH, the realization of the goal set in 2012 by two brothers to have an international business that could take the successes achieved in one country and share them with other businesses all across the globe.

The only question left to answer was what that traded success would be, and the answer came along in one of the simplest yet most crucial items for sales presentation and success for any company anywhere in the world, regardless of borders, languages or cultural differences; product packaging!

Everywhere we looked we saw both successful and terrible examples in packaging. Great products were being overlooked by potential customers who were being snatched away by lesser-quality competitors with higher-quality presentations. Delicious snacks were being sold way below the market customer’s WTP level (willingness to pay) for simple want of a better wrapping. Packaging that looked like it was designed in the 80’s was prevalent. This would never do!

Our goal with IBB Packaging is to provide companies with the greatest, best-looking packaging that’ll draw the customer’s eye and level the playing field with the competition. We offer both standard packaging, great for smaller start-ups or even companies carrying out proof-of-concept on new products, and personalized custom packaging for when you want to wrap that finalized baby up and have it looking its best. We work together with our customers to achieve that ideal, finalized look that’ll make your packaging stand out head and shoulders above its peers on that display shelf or online product photo. Give us a call and get started on yours today!