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Zip Bags

Are you looking for a type of packaging whose closure technology allows you to open and close as often as you like? Then our bags with Zip closure are exactly the right choice for you. The practical bags, which are also known as pressure closure bags, can not only be opened quickly and easily, but can also be closed perfectly again in no time at all by pressing the zip together. For this reason, bags and pouches with pressure closure are ideal for products that are usually not used up during the first use, but are removed over a longer period of time in pieces or portions.

Customer-friendly product packaging with Zip Bags

The practical and durable Zip Bags are used in numerous industries. Numerous loose goods, from granular and powdery products to small articles, find safe transport and long-term storage in Zip Bags. For various purposes, we offer you our Zip Bags in material thicknesses from 50 to 90 µ. Bags with 50 µ are ideal for light goods such as spices, jewellery, rubber rings or small accessories. Heavy products such as screws, dowels or glass beads are safely stored in 90 µ bags.

The Zip Bags are not only very popular with manufacturers due to their easy handling during packaging, but also with end consumers who appreciate the convenience of a reliably resealable packaging. After partial removal of the product, the bags can be closed with simple pressure on the closure strip, without the need for clips or clamps as with conventional bags.

Zip Bags: a packaging variant with convincing advantages

Zip Bags are robust and versatile. Due to their numerous advantages, bags with pressure seals are an indispensable part of packaging technology. One of the most important advantages of this modern packaging solution is:

  •     User friendliness: can be resealed as often as required
  •     Safety: airtight sealing of the product
  •     Cleanliness: protection against dirt, dust and moisture
  •     Sustainability: bags with pressure closure can be reused several times
  •     Advertising effect: packaging with your logo stays with the customer longer thanks to its longer usage

In order to make the best possible use of the possible advertising effect of the longer service life of bags with pressure closures, we offer you our professional printing service. 



We will be happy to print your selected packaging with your brand logo or company design or your individual advertising slogan. Give us a CALL or send us a MESSAGE using our online form - we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of customisation and printing.